“My son spent the first six weeks of his life screaming. He was in obvious pain, but the pediatrician said there was not much we could do for ‘colic’. We tried everything from gas drops and gripe water to music and white noise. His belly was so hard we probably could have bounced a quarter off of it. Finally we came to Dr. Lucas, who I believe works miracles- my son was a different baby after the first visit. Dr. Lucas taught me some things I could do to help Eli between visits. Our lives were significantly changed for the better and Dr. Lucas made that change happen for us. Eli is now a happy, healthy and energetic 18-month old boy. I am so grateful to Dr. Lucas for all he has done for my family!”

Correen S.

“I was in a bad car accident in 2009. I thought I was fine, but after visiting Dr. Lucas, he found a few internal injuries and began treatment right away. Without Dr. Lucas I don’t know where I’d be.”

Emily T.

“I only need maintenance; however my experience is always wonderful! Dr. Lucas and the whole staff are very welcoming and professional. Whenever I get achy, a cold or a headache the Doc gives me immediate relief!! Thank you for all you do!”

Kym C.

“I am a 74 year old male patient. I have sought out Chiropractic help since 1962 and all of this has been nothing but progress from pain and suffering to immediate relief and satisfaction. I cannot express my thanks enough for the good Dr. Lucas provides for us in our time of pain, such immediate and lasting relief. Thank you for all you do Dr. Lucas, my relief has been positive and lasting. Pills and shots just don’t cut it when you, Dr. Lucas can find the problem, administer the necessary adjustments to correct and relieve the pain area. You’ve helped make my older life one I can bear and look forward too with your help and direction, and I know I’ll make it. Thank you so much.”

Ron S.

“My experiences have always been great. Everyone is professional and friendly. I feel that patient care is a very high priority with this office. I feel like I was listened to and I felt that the doctors cared about what was going in with me. As a result of my visit there I am feeling soooo much better than I was. Thank you!!”

Brenda M.

“Staff is pleasant. Dr. qualified and all are concerned with your health and do their best to help you.”

Katie R.

“I met Dr. Christensen outside of the office and was convinced, by his easy and interested conversation, that he might be able to address a wrist problem I have suffered with for about six months. So I was not surprised by his direct and knowledgable professionalism during my vist – what I was VERY surprised by was the TIME he spent with me. The history was complete, the exam was complete, the care was attentive and thorough and the plan for follow-up was clear and direct. I had recently read that you recieve 26 seconds of a physicians attention during an enounter….not so at Lucas Chiropractic. I was in the office for 80 minutes and the entire time I was the focus of Dr Christensen and his staff. AND….the wrist is improving.”


“Great experience staff is very helpful and friendly. My massage experience has been wonderful, and I’m feeling so much better physically. Wish I would have gone sooner.”

Belinda B.